Medical Negligence Lawsuit: 3 Things Your Lawyer Needs To Build A Strong Case

29 March 2022
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The law gives you the right to sue any medical practitioner that prescribes the wrong medicine or dosage, provides poor medical treatment, or injures you during treatment. However, it may not be easy to prove that your injuries resulted from medical malpractice. Therefore, it is essential to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you substantiate your claim and secure compensation. 

While such a case requires plenty of evidence, there are vital pieces of information that guarantee success. This article looks at three details your lawyer will want to obtain to file a strong lawsuit. 

The Error the Health Practitioner Made

The first thing your lawyer seeks to find is the health practitioner's error. Doing this enables them to know if the mistake equates to negligence. Next, they will want to determine whether another competent doctor in similar circumstances would have treated you differently. 

In that regard, your attorney will check if your doctor diagnosed you properly, gave you the right treatment, or warned you about the side effects of the treatment and medication. This information unearths the doctor's slackness in their duty. 

Whether You Had Any Pre-existing Conditions

Naturally, the defendant might allege that your injuries existed before commencing treatment. This trick could work in their favor if you fail to provide proof. As your lawyer interrogates you, they will ask about any pre-existing conditions. It's important to be upfront about this information. That way, your lawyer will evaluate the situation and know if the doctor's actions directly caused your injuries or not. To verify their findings, they may order some medical examinations. 

How the Accident Has Affected Your Life

Your legal advisor's primary objective is to secure the highest payment possible from the claim. Therefore, even if they have evidence linking the doctor to your injuries, they'll want additional information about the impact of the malpractice on your life. That includes the physical pain and mental anguish the injuries have subjected you to. Your lawyer will also require information about the total amount of money you've spent on treatment and what you've lost on wages. These details enable them to calculate a reasonable figure to cover all your damages. 

Your personal injury lawyer will require as much information as possible to help you get justice for your medical malpractice case. They will need to know the three essential fasts above and any other information to help them file a strong lawsuit. Therefore, it's advisable to corporate with your lawyer in every step of the lawsuit. 

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