When to Call a Medical Malpractice Attorney

7 November 2023
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Medical malpractice happens when a medical professional fails to adequately perform their duties and causes injury or harm to their patient. Medical malpractice is an unfortunate situation that may result in serious debilitating injuries, long-term disability, or even death. In such situations, a medical malpractice attorney could help you claim compensation for the damage done. Dealing with the aftermath of medical malpractice can be a daunting and confusing task. It can be challenging to know when to contact an attorney and what to expect. Read More 

Why Estate Planning Is Essential For Families And Businesses

28 August 2023
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Planning for the future is always a good idea, especially when it comes to your business or family. Estate planning is a vital process that every individual, family, or business owner should consider. Estate planning involves managing and distributing your assets correctly when you pass on. For businesses, estate planning ensures its smooth continuation, while for families, it ensures that your beneficiaries are provided for. This blog will outline the reasons why estate planning is vital for families and businesses. Read More 

Empty Nest Divorce — 4 Challenges When Kids Have Flown The Coop

12 July 2023
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Unfortunately for some couples, the period when their kids leave the family home can be a challenge for the parents. In some cases, the marital difficulties laid bare by their empty nest may lead to divorce. If you face an empty nest divorce, you also face some unique negotiation issues to work out. Here are four of the most common and why. 1. The Family Home When your kids are still living in the family home, many couples feel it's important to keep it. Read More 

When Estate Matters End Up In Court

31 May 2023
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When issues arise with a will or estate, those issues may be decided in probate court. A probate lawyer, also known as an estate lawyer or an estate litigation attorney, specializes in handling legal matters related to the administration of a deceased person's estate. Here's what to know about the role of a probate lawyer in courtroom litigation: Dispute Resolution Probate lawyers represent clients involved in disputes related to the distribution of assets, the validity of wills or trusts, guardianship or conservatorship matters, claims against the estate, breach of fiduciary duty, or allegations of undue influence or fraud. Read More 

Dealing With High-Conflict Custody Cases

27 April 2023
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Custody cases can be complex. After all, people become passionate when they discuss their children and how to spend time with them. If you are dealing with a high-conflict custody case, this makes the matter even more difficult. Here's what you need to know about managing high-conflict custody cases. What Is a High-Conflict Custody Case? A high-conflict custody case is one in which the parents have intense and frequent disagreements about parenting time, decision-making, and child support. Read More