Can You Sue a Medical Provider for Problems Associated with Vaccines?

19 October 2016
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Vaccines do a lot of public good. In fact, the measles and several other diseases have mostly been eradicated in the U.S. because of vaccines. However, sometimes people experience adverse outcomes after getting immunized or fall ill because they don't get the right kind of medications. One question many people in this situation have is whether they can hold their healthcare providers liable for damages related to vaccine injuries. It is possible, and here are two ways you can go about it. Read More 

Serious Food Poisoning And Personal Injury: What You Need To Know

23 March 2016
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When people hear about food poisoning, they often think of an unpleasant day at home close to the toilet and suffering through stomach pain and fever, but without any serious side effects. While most food poisoning cases are not life-threatening and do not even cause long-term serious injury, some cases can be very serious and offer complications that can even be fatal in some people. The causes for various bacterial and viral food-borne illnesses are varied, but if you suffer from injury due to food poisoning, it might be worth pursuing a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages. Read More 

Does A Relative Owe You Money? 3 Things You Should Know

3 November 2015
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Lending money to a family member might seem like the right thing to do when your relative needs financial help, but this transaction could end up causing problems later on. Family loans can be hard to collect, in some cases, and they can cause family divisions if the collection of the money turns into a problem. Here are three things you should know about family loans and collecting the money that is owed to you. Read More 

Trial, Legal And Permanent Separation: What’s The Different And Does It Really Matter?

28 April 2015
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If you and your spouse are maintaining separate households and each have a separate mailing address, you may assume that you are legally separated. But the truth is, legal separation can only be issued by the court. This quasi-married state serves to outline the rights and responsibilities of married couples who are living apart, but who have not yet divorced. In the case of couples with children, it outlines custody and child support issues until a divorce is final. Read More