An Attorney Can Really Help With Your Social Security Disability Appeal

20 March 2023
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If you decide to appeal a denial for Social Security Disability, you have the right to handle your appeal on your own. However, this doesn't mean that you should handle it yourself. Instead, you should consider using an attorney. By learning more about some things that can go wrong when you don't use an attorney, you will see why it is such a good idea for you to make sure you get help from an attorney as early in the appeals process as possible. Read More 

Get The Help You Need: Signs You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney After A Denial

10 February 2023
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If you've filed for workers compensation, you want the claim to go through without any problems. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. There are times when workers compensation claims get denied. When that happens, you can feel like giving up. Luckily, you don't need to give up. There's an appeals process you can go through. But, you do need an attorney. Have you received a denial letter for your workers compensation claim? Read More 

What To Know About Grant Of Attorney Fees In Divorce Cases

5 January 2023
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Attorney fees and payment arrangements are some critical details to discuss with your attorney when you retain one for your divorce proceedings. Divorce can be quite straining, not just emotionally, but also financially. It's no surprise that you will want to know if the courts can grant an award for attorney fees where your former spouse covers your legal costs. Do you qualify to have the courts issue an order awarding attorney fees? Read More 

Why Are Prenuptial Agreements Becoming Popular In Family Law?

2 December 2022
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If you're about to get married, you may be wondering if you need a prenuptial agreement. After all, prenups are sometimes portrayed as unromantic or even cynical. Nothing could be further from the truth! A prenuptial agreement is simply a practical way to protect yourself and your spouse in the event of divorce. Here are some compelling reasons why prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular in family law. 1. They Protect Assets Read More 

Injured At Your Rental Home? 4 Times When You May Need A Lawyer

31 October 2022
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As a tenant, you may expect certain things from your rental home, such as a safe and well-maintained property. However, accidents can happen anywhere, and if you're injured on your rental property, you may need to seek legal assistance. Here are four times when you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney. 1) The accident was caused by the negligence of your landlord or property manager If you trip over your kids' toys or slip on a wet floor, it's probably not your landlord's fault. Read More