Will Moving Change Your Child Custody Agreement?

25 September 2020
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Divorcing parents must come to an agreement when dealing with custody, visitation, and child support issues. Once done, the court is often extremely reluctant to disturb the plans and disrupt the child. Given that the health and happiness of the child is a high priority for the family court, changes to an existing custody plan are unwelcome except in certain circumstances. To find out how moving from one state to the other could affect your parenting agreement, read on. Read More 

Why Intent Usually Matters In Criminal Cases

27 May 2020
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Criminal intent is a common feature of how the law treats the vast majority of offenses. If you're facing charges, an important part of presenting your defense may be dealing with the intent factor. Here's what defendants should know about the role of criminal intent in cases. Most, But Not All There are a handful of crimes where the intent is not a factor. Possibly the most glaring in the group is statutory rape, a crime where everyone involved with the alleged offense might have been perfectly okay with what happened. Read More