How To Know If Your Behavior Falls Under Criminal Harassment

23 September 2022
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Interacting with an individual in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to be alarmed is a crime. These activities can be considered criminal harassment and you might end up being charged and face criminal penalties. However, if you believe that you were not harassing an individual, you will want to get in contact with a criminal defense lawyer and inquire about the best actions you could possibly take to beat your charges. Read More 

Don’t Want to Answer a Discovery Request? 5 Objections to Consider

12 August 2022
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The process of discovery is an important early step in your civil litigation case. It permits and requires the exchange of information between the two sides, helping you build a strong case against your opponent. But what can you do if you receive a request for admission or interrogatory which could be damaging your case? In most cases, you cannot simply ignore or fail to answer. But you can object if there are reasonable grounds. Read More 

What Your Legal Advisor Wants You To Take After A Minor Vehicle Crash

11 July 2022
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Being involved in a minor vehicle crash might seem like a small issue. Therefore, you may not see any need to take legal action against the person who caused the collision. Instead, you can decide to exchange information with them and continue your journey. While that might save you time, failing to report the crash could have several negative consequences. Therefore, when you contact a legal advisor after your accident, they will want you to take the following measures. Read More 

Reasons You Should Hire A Coal Miner Attorney

16 May 2022
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When you work in a coal mine, you are exposed to several factors that endanger your life. From the dark, cramped underground coal mines to faulty equipment, there are various instances where you can get severely injured. Similarly, constant exposure to coal dust can lead to multiple complications such as silicosis and black lung, which are fatal.  If you have suffered injury, illness, or have lost a loved one due to a coal mine-related incident, it is prudent to seek experienced representation to get justice. Read More 

Medical Negligence Lawsuit: 3 Things Your Lawyer Needs To Build A Strong Case

29 March 2022
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The law gives you the right to sue any medical practitioner that prescribes the wrong medicine or dosage, provides poor medical treatment, or injures you during treatment. However, it may not be easy to prove that your injuries resulted from medical malpractice. Therefore, it is essential to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you substantiate your claim and secure compensation.  While such a case requires plenty of evidence, there are vital pieces of information that guarantee success. Read More