Experiencing Physical Abuse At The Hands Of Your Partner? What You Should Do

2 January 2019
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Domestic violence doesn't always have to be as graphic as what you see in the movies. The big screen can make it seem as though your mate must be punching and kicking you from morning until evening, or you really aren't being abused. However, the reality is that no one has the right to put their hands on you, and if your partner shoves, pushes, and constantly slaps or hits you, it's time for you to do something about it. What follows is a list of what you should do if domestic violence is a problem in your house. 

Call A Domestic Violence Attorney Immediately

One of the most trusted people you should talk to when you're being physically abused is a domestic violence attorney. Their advice can be invaluable, and just having the knowledge can be enough to give you the courage to leave for good.

People stay with abusers for so many reasons. If you're being abused, and are still living with your partner, it could be because they are the primary caregiver. You fear that, if you leave, they will cut off the financial supply and you have no idea how to support yourself without their help.

Experienced domestic violence attorneys know how to get you out of the situation without necessarily having to live on the streets. They are well-versed in things such as the shelters in your area, financial supplements for people who are trying to rebuild, and so much more. In addition, you have rights that you may not know about. A portion of your partner's income could legally belong to you, especially if there are children between the two of you. Only by talking with a domestic assault attorney will you find out what you have a legal right to so you won't have to suffer anymore.

Keep Records Of The Abuse

Because so many mobile phones now feature cameras, it's easier than ever to record the abuse that you are experiencing. Each time your partner hits you, record it with the video camera and write down the date and time of the incident. You can use the recordings as evidence for a restraining order the moment you have decided to leave.

Above all else, think about your safety and that of your children. Get away from the abuser so you can start the journey back to wholeness and a much better quality of life.