Critical Legal Services To Expect From Your Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

26 July 2021
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When you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home, you expect them to be safe and treated well. You never anticipate that your relative might become the victim of outright abuse or neglect. However, when all signs point to this person being mistreated, you need to act to ensure their safety. You can start by hiring an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to represent your loved one and family.

Learning If Abuse Took Place

When you have a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer on retainer, you can find out if your relative really was the victim of mistreatment or neglect. You cannot simply rely on your own interpretations of outward signs, such as bruises, loss of weight or dirty appearance, to say definitively that abuse took place. You need to have your relative's treatment at the home fully investigated.

The nursing home abuse lawyer that you retain can initiate that investigation and use their legal reach to subpoena evidence like doctors' reports, surveillance video and testimonies from nurses and doctors. They can establish whether or not neglect or mistreatment took place and also find out the identities of those who abuse your relative.

Holding Abusers Accountable

A nursing home abuse lawyer can also determine who to take legal action against on behalf of your loved one. Depending on how far-reaching that the abuse was, your relative's attorney may decide to sue the owner of the nursing home. They may also file criminal charges against the nurses or doctors who were in charge of your loved one's care.

Likewise, your nursing home abuse lawyer can file a lawsuit against the management or ownership company of the facility. This lawsuit can compel the named parties to admit their guilt in court and pay financial restitution to your relative.

Finally, the nursing home abuse lawyer that you put on retainer can negotiate an exit from the contract that your abused relative signed at the time of your loved one's admittance to the facility. Your attorney can use proof from the abuse case to justify why it is no longer safe for your loved one to live there.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can offer vital legal services to your relative. They can investigate signs of abuse, sue the responsible parties and end your relative's contract. If you suspect something is wrong, reach out to a nursing home abuse lawyer to see if you have a case.