Reasons You Should Hire A Coal Miner Attorney

16 May 2022
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When you work in a coal mine, you are exposed to several factors that endanger your life. From the dark, cramped underground coal mines to faulty equipment, there are various instances where you can get severely injured. Similarly, constant exposure to coal dust can lead to multiple complications such as silicosis and black lung, which are fatal. 

If you have suffered injury, illness, or have lost a loved one due to a coal mine-related incident, it is prudent to seek experienced representation to get justice. A coal miner attorney has the required experience to help safeguard your interest and get adequate compensation for your loss or injury. Here is how an attorney can help your case:

Prove Liability

The first step in getting adequate compensation for your loss or injury after a coal mining accident is proving your employer's guilt. However, coal mine accidents are complex and may result from the negligence of more than one party. It is essential to establish the liability of all these parties to ensure you get maximum compensation. A coal miner attorney can look into your case and help you uncover patterns of negligence from your employers and equipment manufacturers to help prove liability. The unearthed information will help determine the financial impact of your injuries, thus contributing to the amount of compensation you will get. 

Cover Medical Costs

Coal mining accidents can cause serious injuries that accrue hefty medical bills. Similarly, if you have lost a loved one due to various respiratory diseases caused by coal mine dust, you may be left with substantial medical bills and no means of offsetting them. A coal miner attorney can be of tremendous help in such situations. The lawyer can prove your employer's culpability and prompt them to cover the medical expenses by presenting relevant evidence before a workers' compensation insurance firm or a court. 

File for Social Security

Social Security is meant to be available for citizens who have contributed to the fund and can no longer fend for themselves. In most cases, people who survive coal mining accidents fit this description as their injuries may strip them of their source of livelihood. However, you may be subjected to intense scrutiny before getting the fund. If you have been denied Social Security after a coal mine accident, an attorney experienced in handling such situations can come in handy. A coal miner attorney can prove that you meet the impairments listed to qualify for Social Security. For instance, the attorney may present evidence to prove you can no longer use your limbs due to your coal mine injury.

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